Multiscale Cluster

Simulation framework for multi-scale phenomena in micro- and nanosystems

SimPhoNy is part of the European Multiscale Modelling Cluster (EUMMC). The EUMMC brings together European Commission funded projects that have the ambition to develop an open, integrated and multi-purpose numerical nano-design environment.

The cluster is intended to enable knowledge exchange, foster adoption of novel approaches for multi-scale modelling and provide a platform for harmonizing standardization.

The European Multiscale Modelling Cluster (EUMMC) develops a complete standard and metadata schemata enabling the seamless exchange of data between the platforms, thus providing for enhanced interoperability. Member Projects of the cluster are also active in the Interoperability Working Group (IntOP) of the European Material Modelling Council (EMMC), where they contribute to the creation of common unified data structures (CUDS) for state data and models.

The SimPhoNy project is funded by FP7 under NMP-2013-1.4-1 call with Grant agreement no:  604005.

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