About SimPhoNy

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Main concept

The SimPhoNy project aims to develop an easy-to-use integrated multiscale modelling environment for in Silico discovery and design of nano-enabled systems and materials. The main concept of the SimPhoNy framework is to augment existing open-source and commercial simulation tools and supplement them with sophisticated interface software libraries that allow for flow of information from one component to the other and from one scale to another. The integrated tools range from those describing the electronic structure and atomistic scales up to those modelling mesoscopic and macroscopic device level scales.

Application fields

The project will also demonstrate the efficiency of the modeling framework in relevant nanotechnology fields through the design and development of several specialized multiscale modelling design tools that can reduce the time to discover novel nano- and micro-fluidic devices for biomedical, chemical and energy related applications. In particular it will address systems for nanoprinting, NEMS (nano electro mechanical systens), foam forming process, and microfluidic applications.

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The SimPhoNy project is funded by FP7 under NMP-2013-1.4-1 call with Grant agreement no:  604005.

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